Happy New Year

2016 was rough for the general public. We lost numerous icons and uncertainty is in the air. But, through all the absurdity, I personally found the year to be one of monumental change. Not only for me but for many around me. New jobs, moves, and chasing after what’s important to us.

I learned most about what family and community means. My friends and family help to continually give me the bravery to keep pushing towards my goals. I truly found my community of theatre artists through Artists at Play and CAATA. A ferocious, awe-inspiring community that I’m proud to be a part of. One that has helped made my transition to New York City seamless.

The end of the year marked the beginning of my time in the city with projects with Pan Asian Rep, my first off-Broadway production, subbing ASM tracks, collaborating at Columbia University, and more on the horizon.

The best lesson out of 2016? Generosity is important. Support those around you. If not now, more than ever as we move into 2017.

Have a Happy New Year!

Stand by for more.


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