Long Live the Console

iconsquarec0e93a15-08af-b4d9-78c6b3f2c785ccb5May the Odds Ever be in Your Favor

Happy to say that I’ve jumped on board as ASM on MB Stage Production’s The Video Games off Broadway at The Elektra Theatre! The show is a Hunger Games parody with video game favorites–Link, Mega Man, Master Chief, Pikachu, and more.

The added twist? It’s all audience driven. They vote for their favorite and decided who live and dies throughout the performance.

Meaning it’s crazy town backstage staying on top of what’s coming next and what needs to be on stand by. It’s a really fun show and a really good challenge to work on. We’ve been through two days of tech already with performances begin Saturday.

It’s a limited run of six shows so catch it before it’s gone! Plus, y’know, the lobby has a bar and they let you bring drinks into the theatre (each set has a cup holder, we got ‘chu). Get tickets here.

Stand by for more.

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